ASPECTUS PHARMA LLC is Macedonian pharmaceutical production company. The company implements, maintains, supervises and improves the Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance System in accordance with GMP standards. High production quality standards are guaranteed by the obtained production permit and the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice.

ASPECTUS PHARMA LLC is located 15 km from the capital Skopje, in the municipality of Ilinden, in the technological-industrial development zones (TIDZ), which allows to take advantage of the zone’s benefits.

The total area of the plant is 4.630 m2:

Mission & Vision

Our vision is an innovative, cooperative and socially responsible company with high integrity, enabling high-quality drug production. In order to provide a wide range of our products on the markets of the Balkans and the European Union countries, we establish partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies. By implementing new values, our mission consists in continuous growth and development of the company. At the moment, the company is working on compliance with EU GMP standards.

Mission & Vision

Macedonian manufacturer of pharmaceutical products

ASPECTUS PHARMA LLC has a license for production of medicines and Food supplements. Our production capabilities are fits the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP):

• Medicines in solid dosage forms (tablets/capsules/coated tablets);

• Release of a series of medicines;

• Primary and secondary packaging;

• Storage in modern warehouses, equipped to the highest standards;

• Sales of solid dosage forms.

  • The company has a modern equipped quality control laboratory for physical and chemical research.

  • The plant is equipped with modern equipment from leading Italian, English and German manufacturers. The equipment allows to perform a full cycle of the production process for solid oral dosage forms.

  • Research and development activities enable effective and successful implementation of activities in order to implement the quality system for obtaining a safe, efficient and quality product. The development laboratory has qualified and modern equipment that can produce development or small batches.

Macedonian manufacturer of pharmaceutical products

Full cycle of production

Production of solid dosage forms, tablets and capsules.
The pharmaceutical company uses equipment that is suitable for usage in terms of technical characteristics and capacity; is regularly maintained, calibrated, cleaned and, if necessary, disinfected or sterilized according to the prescribed procedures; installed in a way that prevents the risk of error or contamination and equipment designed, stored and maintained in a manner appropriate for its intended purpose.
The company also provides appropriate process control equipment.
A complete production cycle means the creation of an ultimate pharmaceutical dosage form with a technological procedure for incorporating an active substance and auxiliary substances.

Full cycle of production


Aspectus Pharma maintains a high standard of quality assurance in the development, production, and control of medicines. The procedure for issuing a manufacturing permit and the GMP certificate ensures the quality of all medicinal products authorized to be placed on the pharmaceutical market to be manufactured by a GMP-certified manufacturer and regularly inspected by the competent authorities.

Aspectus Pharma implements ISO standards, which means tracking the complete documentation that regulates and provides the requirements, specifications, guidelines, or features that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes, and services are appropriate for their purpose.


Technological Industrial Development Zone (TIDZ)

The factory is located in the technological, industrial development zones (TIDZs) that enable us to take its advantages.

Technological Industrial Development Zone (TIDZ)


Warehouses are in accordance with the requirements of the free economic zone TIDZ and GMP standards. They are equipped with:

•      Pallet racking;

•      Equipment for pallets and materials handling;

•      HVAC system;

•      Sensors to monitor temperature and humidity;

•      Access control system;

•      Anti-fire system.


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We are open to all types of profitable partnerships and cooperations both with Macedonian and Europian company.

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